Are you queer identified and want to play Dungeons and Dragons? Or maybe try a different TTRPG?

Do you live in Naarm (so-called Melbourne)?

This is the community for you!

What is this community about?

This community is for queer folks in Naarm (so-called Melbourne) and surrounds to get together and bond over our love of Dungeons and Dragons and other tabletop roleplaying games.

Why was this community started?

Melbourne LGBTQIA+ TTRPGs was founded in 2018 initially as a Facebook community to provide a safe space for queer players to find and join games.

There are lots of awesome non-queer gamers out there, but when finding and joining tables, you're often finding yourself at a table with complete strangers. Many of these people are cool with queer folks, but sometimes they're not.

This space was originally created so that queer D&D and TTRPG players could find tables without the risk of running into homophobes, transphobes etc.

It has since expanded to events, community projects and much more.